Oivvio 5 kopiaOivvio Polite  developer and writer .”Mask and Identity”
a photosession with masks created by Eva Fänge and Thanos Vovolis.




01040614-108 beskuren ljusareJohan in Malmö  I met Johan during a workshop at Malmö International Photo Festival in 1982. When he  picked up a magnifier from his pocket I found it magical.




Writer Åke Hodell in his home on Djurgården Stockholm. Åke Hodell 1919-2000. Poet, author, text and sound composer. Pictures from his home at Djurgården, Stockholm.




tahar ben jelloun. fyrkantig till menyn-1Tahar Ben Jelloun, f 1944. Maroccan author, lives in Paris.




Siri Ahmed Backström-3Siri Ahmed Backström, f 1980. Illustrator and storyteller. Pictures from ca 1997.




Martin and Benjamin, father and son.Martin ocb Benjamin-2